Economics 1 China 2018 中国主题公园项目发展预测 China Theme Park Pipeline Report 2 AECOM About Economic Services, AECOM 关于AECOM经济规划服务 AECOM is a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. Alongside AECOM’s multi-disciplinary services, AECOM’s economic team offers strategic and economic planning consultancy services to clients worldwide. In Asia, leisure, culture and tourism development, urban regeneration, and new town development present both opportunities and challenges. Economic analysis plays a critical role in shaping strategy and identifying an appropriate positioning for these new projects. AECOM是全球领先的咨询专家团队,与不同的客户和 行业伙伴合作,为世界最具挑战的项目提供创新解决方 案。作为AECOM众多专业领域咨询服务之一,经济服务 为全球客户提供战略和经济规划咨询服务。在亚洲,休 闲、文化和旅游开发,城市更新,新城开发等项目既存 在机遇同时又充满挑战。经济分析在这些项目的战略规 划制定和市场定位方面发挥着关键作用。 ©2018年 Economic Services, AECOM Research: Economic Services, AECOM 调研:AECOM经济咨询团队 Editor/编辑: Shaojin Li 李少金 Publication Team /出版团队: Tsz Yin Au, Shuangping Bian, Beth Chang, Guocui Gu, Jodie Lock, Shaojin Li, Hui Long , Dan Wu, Chris Yoshii. Contacts/联系信息 For further information about the content of this report and about the economics practice at AECOM, contact the following: 如需了解有关AECOM经济咨询团队以及本报告的更多信息, 请联系: Chris Yoshii Beth Chang 吉井贵思 張本韻 Vice President, Economics Executive Director, Economics Global Director of Leisure + Culture, Aisa AECOM全球休闲文化副总裁 AECOM经济咨询执行总监 T +852 3922 9000 T +852 3922 9000 Economics 3 CHRIS YOSHII BETH CHANG 吉井贵思 張本韻 Vice President, Economics Executive Director, Economics Global Director of Leisure + Culture, Aisa AECOM全球休闲文化副总裁 AECOM经济咨询执行总监 Preface Theme parks have been developing rapidly over the last twenty years in China. Demand for themed entertainment products is increasing significantly as the middle class population expands and the improvements of transportation occur at unprecedented rate. In response, governments and developers are planning to develop more theme parks nationwide. This report highlights historic data and future trends, as well as in industry growth. This report helps industry participants to understand the scale and characteristics of the current supply and future pipeline of theme park development in China. 前言 中国主题公园在过去的二十年里发展迅速。随着中 产阶级的不断壮大,以及国内交通条件前所未有的 改善,国民主题娱乐需求极大增加。为此,中国各 地规划建设了大量的主题公园以应对该需求。本报 告重点介绍了主题公园行业历史和未来趋势,以及 行业增长情况,旨在让读者能更好了解中国现有和 未来的主题公园规模及特点等。 4 AECOM AECOM About This Report Definition of Theme park Drawing on decades of experience in the themed entertainment sector, AECOM defines the meaning of theme park as follows: A theme park is a type of amusement park in which landscaping, buildings/ structures, man-made attractions (rides, games, shows), and activities that are based on one or more unifying theme. A theme park is a gated area requiring an entry ticket and may be indoor, outdoor, or a combination of both. They are tangible, stationary and built for long-lasting operation, often featuring multiple zones with distinct storylines. Significant capital investment is necessary to deliver a complementary mix of entertainment, food and beverage outlets, retail shops, and other supporting facilities. Selection Criteria AECOM carefully selected existing and pipeline theme parks in Mainland China for inclusion in our research sample according to following criteria: Selecyed theme parks are city-scale projects operating in China; they are all of significant scale and prestige (i.e. strong brand), and include a large proportion of entertainment facilities. Selected theme parks are well constructed with a significant level of investment. This report excludes all Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) and small amusement parks. Selected theme parks include a significant proportion of entertainment facilities; this excludes characteristics towns, landscaped parks, retail, dining and entertainment (RDE) districts , and standalone aquaria, botanic gardens and zoos. This report excludes water parks as only land based park are considered. Reference The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) The National Development and Reform (NDRC) of the China defines a theme park as a commercial venture

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