CHINA PR SCOPE 中国公关行业营销趋势研究 2019 An R3 White Paper DRIVING TRANSFORMATION FOR MARKETERS AND THEIR AGENCIES PREFACE 前言 2019 China PR Scope is the fifth wave 《2019中国公关行业营销趋势研究》是胜三 in an ongoing study with the goal of 进行的一项长期研究,今年是第五轮。此项研 garnering a deeper understanding of 究旨在深入了解中国公关行业的洞察和发展。 the motivations and processes involved 其中的数据来源于胜三对一些资深市场主的采 in public relations in China. The data 访,这些市场主都是中国市场领先品牌的公关 was collected through a series of 决策者。 interviews with senior marketers who serve as decision-makers of some of 本研究为市场主的公关传播决策提供了依据和 参考,对不断变化的“公关代理商与市场主” the largest companies in China. 关系进行了分析,深入地剖析了现有市场主和 This study is a tool for taking action. It 潜在市场主对代理商的认知。 provides an analysis of trends in the 我们对投入时间参与此项综合性研究的所有受 ever-changing world of PR agency-client 访者表示感谢。我们相信此类报告有助于改善 relationships, and brings clarity to 中国营销和公关行业的透明度及专业度,并且 agency perceptions amongst current 我们希望通过不断开展类似研究,继续成为协 and prospective clients. 助市场主提升营销效率的全球专家。 We want to thank the participants for committing their time to making this the most ambitious and comprehensive PR study in the world. We believe that reports such as these help to bolster the transparency and professionalism of marketing and public relations in China, and we aim to continue to be global experts in improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness through such ongoing studies and analysis. 2 CHINA PR AGENCY SCOPE 中国公关行业营销趋势研究 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 执行总结 These key words represent the trends, needs, concerns, and challenges of both marketers and agency professionals identified during our study. 在本次调研中,一些关键字不断地被受访者提及,它们代表了公关领域的市场主及代理商 同仁最关注的趋势变化、考量、担忧、以及挑战。 eCommerce Media-integration Content Insight Digital Precision Data Quantifiable Consumer Resource KOL Creativity Sales-driven Brand-tonality Social 媒体整合 精准投放 数据 洞察 内容 品牌调性 资源 数字 消费者 创意 销售转化 可量化 KOL 电商串联 社交化 3 DRIVING TRANSFORMATION FOR MARKETERS AND THEIR AGENCIES digital DEMANDS a broader scope and greater responsibility 传播数字化变革了市场主及公关代理商 的工作职能 Digital/social’s impact on PR goes beyond use of media and communication. It has required a re-evaluation of brands’ internal structures, marketer responsibilities and the scope of work for PR agencies. In addition to the traditional PR responsibilities of brand communication and public affairs, more than half of the interviewees are in charge of social communications, event/BTL marketing, advertising, and digital marketing, with one-third of that group involved in media planning and buying. This shows that PR responsibility on the client side has been extended and is more complex. In addition, over 40% of the PR agencies are now in charge of KOL management and social-related work as well as traditional PR services. 数字化/社交化对公关领域产生的冲击,其影响不仅仅在媒体使用及传播手段等层面,更深 入地影响了品牌方的内部组织及职能架构,以及公关代理商的工作范畴。将近一半的受访市 场主,除了品牌传播及公关事务等传统公关领域的职责之外,还需要同时肩负社交传播、活 动/线下营销、广告营销或数字营销等其他,甚至还有三分之一的受访者需参与媒介的策划 及购买,显现品牌方的公关负责人员的工作范畴有相当程度的扩充与复杂化。 另外,也有超过4成的公关代理商,除了传统的公关服务项目,同时还负责客户的KOL管 理、社交媒体维护等社交相关的工作范畴。 POSITION OF INTERVIEWEE 受访者职位 Brand Communications 85.5 品牌传播 Public Affairs 82.2 公关事务 Social Communications 54.6 社交传播 Event/BTL Marketing 46.7 活动/线下营销 Advertising 45.4 广告营销 Digital Marketing 44.7 数字营销 Media Planning & Buying 32.9 媒介策划及购买 eCommerce 15.1 电子商务 02 55 07 51 00 4 CHINA PR AGENCY SCOPE 中国公关行业营销趋势研究 PR AGENCIES ARE IN COMPETITION WITH MEDIA RELATIONS FOR TOP RESOURCES 媒体方面的角色加重,从维系媒 体关系扩大到为市场主争取并整 合媒体资源 Content/creativity development and media relationship building and maintenance are the key strengths of a PR agency. While there are many available resources in the market, only a very limited number are of high quality, with enormous competition from various types of agencies and clients. A PR agency should utilize its strength in media relationship maintenance to secure its access to different types of resources, thus demonstrating their ability to achieve greater integration effectiveness in media and communication. 内容/创意及媒体关系建立与维护是公关代理商的主要强项,这部份在 目前的传播环境下,依旧占有非常重要的位置。市场资源选择虽多,但 优质资源有限,面对不同类型的代理商及客户都在争抢的情况,公关代 理商需发挥维系媒体关系之强项,掌握更多不同类型的资源,展现在媒 体及传播上能更有效整合的优势。 5 DRIVING TRANSFORMATION FOR

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