KEY GLOBAL TRENDS Mobile market trends FREE App market revenues & forecasts VERSION Mobile brand & model usage M51-65 1% Smartphone penetration FREE VERSION mobile Global market report 2018 © Newzoo 2018 KEY GLOBAL TRENDS TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. 4. 11. FOREWORD 1. THE KEY 2. THE GLOBAL GLOBAL TRENDS MOBILE MARKET 18. 21. 23. 3. RANKINGS 4. TERMINOLOGY 5. METHODOLOGY FREE VERSION © Newzoo 2018 Global Mobile Market Report 2 FOREWORD FOREWORD We are proud to present the free edition of our 2018 Global Mobile Market Report. The industry has “ Thank you for reading this preview of the again grown and thrived, with consumers on track to spend more than $92 billion on apps this year. second edition of our Global Mobile Market Over three-quarters of these revenues will be generated by mobile games alone, as gaming firms Report. This annual report and subscription continue to lead the charge in both monetization and engagement. provide you with an in-depth overview of the Mobile consumers have become more and more interested in competitive and immersive game mobile market, globally and per region. The data experiences, leading mobile game publishers to expand beyond the casual games market. Meanwhile, is derived from our Mobile Intelligence Solutions, hardware firms are now targeting gamers with smartphones specifically designed for gaming. which aim to help the companies with mobile at Niantic’s Pokémon GO has already shown the massive opportunity that AR presents; however, the center of their strategy, product development, since the game’s 2016 release we have seen few titles that have successfully pushed the technology or marketing. forward. In fact, the next game to push the AR envelope will most likely be Niantic’s next title, Harry All in all, the global mobile market is still fiercely Potter: Wizards Unite. competitive. Even though industry giants have Looking at non-game apps, things have been just as interesting. Tech firms like Apple, Google, managed to claim a significant foothold, there Facebook, and Amazon are pouring billions into original video content—each one vying for a piece are plenty of unexplored opportunities for of the Netflix pie. And app store revenues, both for game and non-game apps, have continued to innovative companies, with more than enough increase. In general, more start-ups are utilizing smartphones and tablets to make things more con-room for fresh content and innovative new venient for consumers—in all aspects of our lives. For example, innovative mobile-first banks are business models to thrive.” rapidly expanding within Europe and beyond. In the U.S., certain app companies have discovered how to draw in massive live audiences—all by taking a tried-and-true TV formula and adapting it to fit our mobile-first lives. We trust you will enjoy this free version of our pioneering mobile market report, which gives a Jelle Kooistra taste of the high-quality data and knowledge-packed trends available in the full version. Head of Market Analysis FREE VERSION © Newzoo 2018 Global Mobile Market Report 3 1. KEY GLOBAL TRENDS FREE VERSION © Newzoo 2018 FREE VERSION Global Mobile Market Report 4 KEY GLOBAL TREND KEY GL S OBAL TREND IMMERSIVE & COMPETITIVE GAMES A BRIGHT FUTURE ON MOBILE Over the last few years, mobile smartphones have become powerful enough to rival Even though strategy games have traditionally had competitive modes as well, the long certain laptops in processing power, all while remaining small enough to put in your session times are not yet suitable for mobile gamers, who play for shorter periods com-pocket. They are now powerful enough to handle experiences that were previously pared to their console- and PC-gaming counterparts. only possible on PC and console. These more complex, or immersive, experiences This surge in competitive mobile experiences means there are more opportuni-are becoming especially popular in the Chinese market, with games such as PUBG: ties for tournaments and reward systems (for both physical and digital rewards). Mobile and Tencent’s Honor of Kings doing particularly well. There are two major players in this space: Skillz, which was released back in 2012, and Though not on the same level as in China, these experiences are also becoming Amazon’s GameOn, whi

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