HOTEL 2025 emerging technologies destined to reshape our business HOTEL 2025 emerging technologies destined to reshape our business Predicting the future is impossible and attempting it might seem like folly. But as in most cases, it is the process – not the outcome – that matters more. For hotel leaders, anticipating consumer trends and seeking innovations that enhance guest experiences are vital exercises that need to be practiced diligently. Now, more than ever – with the coming wave of disruptive technologies – taking these steps helps Perspectives from ensure success tomorrow. 150 hotel operators: To anticipate consumer To help in that pursuit, Oracle Hospitality commissioned Hotel 2025, a major industry report trends and seek surveying consumers and operators about emerging technologies destined to reshape our business. Together, their responses provide insights about these innovations, including innovations that enhance anticipated rate of adoption, potential impact and related fears – real and imagined – that guest experiences need to be allayed. Among the topics Hotel 2025 explores: artificial intelligence, biometrics/facial recognition, robotics, voice activation, wearable technology, virtual reality, driverless transportation and smart hotel design. The report outlines the current status of each and forecasts its future use, and weaves in perspectives from 150 hotel operators. It also incorporates in-depth interviews with chief information officers and chief technical officers. The path forward undeniably will rely on technologies that make hotels smarter, accelerate service and, most importantly, personalize experiences for each and every guest. With Hotel 2025, it is our goal to help your business embrace innovation and prepare for the future. It will be here before you know it. Hotel 2025 | 2 artificial intel igence A field of computer science, artificial intelligence is the pursuit of developing computers that can simulate human intelligence – specifically, learning, reasoning and self-correction. Though the term was first coined in the 1950s, a seminal moment raising AI’s profile in society came in 1997 when “Deep Blue,” an IBM chess program, defeated the legendary champion, Garry Kasparov. AI technology varies greatly in sophistication – from automation and reactive machines that can analyze options and select optimal ones, to limited-memory devices (as found in autonomous vehicles), which can use past experiences to shape future decisions. But the recent surge in AI research coincides with the advent of big data. AI’s ability to identify patterns and glean insights from data – now available faster and in greater quantity and variety – yields advantages to almost any industry. All that remains for AI is for it to gain self-awareness, or a consciousness with its own beliefs and intentions. That remains in the realm of science fiction, but who knows for how much longer. Hotel operators’ top prediction for artificial intelligence: 72% of hotel operators said providing targeted dining recommendations using AI would be mainstream or in mass adoption by 2025. Operators’ other top uses for artificial intelligence: • Recommendations for in-destination activities while guests are on-property • Recommendations for hotel properties when consumers are shopping for hotels Hotel 2025 | 3 artificial intel igence continued current Thus far, hoteliers’ most valuable application of AI, arguably, is the mining of consumer status feedback to expeditiously create and deliver meaningful solutions for guests. With the sheer volume of data flooding hoteliers today, it’s the type of analytical task that can’t be done well, if at all, by a human. According to Marketing Week, luxury-hotel chain Dorchester Collection used an AI platform to conduct a brand study that contained 7,454 guest reviews from 28 different hotels and 10 major hotel brands across 18 cities and regions. On the guest-facing side of the equation, Hilton, at a property in McClean, Va., is experimenting with an AI robot concierge that “talks” with guests, providing information about the hotel and surrounding area. And in the UK, Edwardian Hotels offers a virtual host service called, “Edward.” Designed for guests who prefer text messaging, Edward can respond to various requests, from arranging advan

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