* * * * * * TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019 ~ VOL. CCLXXIV NO. 19 WSJ.com HHHH $4.00 DJIA 27171.90 À 17.70 0.1% NASDAQ 8204.14 À 0.7% STOXX 600 387.74 À 0.1% 10-YR. TREAS. À 2/32 , yield 2.043% OIL $56.22 À $0.59 GOLD $1,425.30 À $0.20 EURO $1.1211 YEN 107.87 Governor’s Refusal to Resign Spurs New Protests in Puerto Rico President, What’s Congress News Reach Business & Finance Budget Appleisinadvancedtalks to buy Intel’s smart- phone-modem chip business, a move that would aid the Accord iPhone maker’s push to take control of developing critical Deal defuses debt-limit parts powering its devices. A1 issue for two years and The grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX is rippling through pushes debate past the economy, hurting the na- presidential election tion’s trade balance and cloud- ing the outlook for airlines, WASHINGTON—Congressio- suppliers and workers. A1 nal and White House negotia- Facebook’s expected set- tors reached a deal to increase S tlement with U.S. regulators federal spending and raise the PRES will create a board commit- government’s borrowing limit, TED tee to help ensure scrutiny securing a bipartisan compro- of privacy-related efforts. B1 mise to avoid a looming fiscal SOCIASA crisis and pushing the next Equifax struck a settle- TI/ budget debate past the 2020 ment of as much as $700 GIUS election. S million to resolve investiga- O tions and lawsuits stemming CARL By Andrew Duehren, from its 2017 data breach. B1 HEATING UP: Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets Monday in San Juan, Puerto Rico, calling for Gov. Ricardo Kate Davidson and Ford’s push to expand in Rosselló to resign. The governor had sought to appease the protesters Sunday by announcing he wouldn’t seek re-election. A6 Catherine Lucey China has veered off course, leaving the auto maker mired The deal for more than $2.7 in a sales slump that is weigh- ing on its future there. B1 The S&P 500 rose 0.3% as gains in technology stocks offset losses elsewhere. The Apple Nears Pact to Acquire trillioninspendingovertwo years, which must still pass both chambers of Congress and needs President Trump’s signa- Nasdaq added 0.7%, while the Dow edged up 0.1%. B11 China’s new market for homegrown tech compa- Intel’s Phone-Chip Business ture,wouldsuspendthedebt ceiling until the end of July 2021. It also raises spending by nearly $50 billion next fiscal year above current levels. The agreement forgoes the nies opened with a bang, steep spending cuts initially as stocks skyrocketed. B10 Apple Inc. is in advanced behind Intel’s yearslong push 1,200 employees in San Diego. sought by the administration, talks to buy Intel Corp.’s By Dana Cimilluca, to develop modem chips for For Intel’s part, a deal providing for about $320 bil- Halliburton said it cut jobs smartphone-modem chip busi- Cara Lombardo the crucial next generation of would allow the company to lion in spending over two in North America in the latest ness, according to people fa- and Tripp Mickle wireless technology known as shed a business that had been years above limits set in a quarter and warned that en- miliar with the matter, a move 5G, potentially saving years of weighing on its bottom line: 2011 budget law that estab- ergy producers in the region that would jump-start the talks don’t fall apart. development work. Apple has The smartphone operation had lished automatic spending are paring their spending. B3 iPhone maker’s push to take Though the potential acqui- been working to develop chips been losing about $1 billion cuts, known as the sequester. Occidental’s leaders are control of developing the criti- sition price would be a round- to further differentiate its de- annually, a person familiar Mr. Trump, a Republican, pushing shareholders to re- cal components powering its ing error for companies valued vices as smartphone sales pla- with its performance has said, announced the deal on Twitter ject Icahn’s bid to replace devices. in the hundreds of billions of teau globally, squeezing the and has generally failed to live late Monday, citing all

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