* * * * * WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 2019 ~ VOL. CCLXXIV NO. 20 WSJ.com HHHH $4.00 DJIA 27349.19 À 177.29 0.7% NASDAQ 8251.40 À 0.6% STOXX 600 391.54 À 1.0% 10-YR. TREAS. g 9/32 , yield 2.074% OIL $56.77 À $0.55 GOLD $1,420.10 g $5.20 EURO $1.1153 YEN 108.23 Barr Starts New What’s News Antitrust Inquiry Business & Finance Into Tech Giants TheJusticeDepartment is opening a broad anti- BY BRENT KENDALL latory pressures facing the top trust review into whether U.S. tech firms. The review is dominant tech firms are un- WASHINGTON—The Justice designed to go above and be- lawfully stifling competition, Department is opening a broad yond recent plans for scruti- adding a new threat for the antitrust review into whether nizing the tech sector that sector’s biggest names. A1 dominant technology firms are were crafted by the depart- Facebook’s Zuckerberg unlawfully stifling competi- ment and the Federal Trade will have to personally certify tion, adding a new Washington Commission. that the company is taking threat for companies such as The two agencies, which steps to protect consumer Facebook Inc., Google, Ama- share antitrust enforcement privacy under an anticipated zon.com Inc. and Apple Inc. authority, in recent months settlement with the FTC. A1 The review is geared toward worked out which one of them The SEC is expected to un- examining the practices of on- would take the lead on explor- veil a settlement with Face- line platforms that dominate ing different issues involving book related to claims the firm internet search, social media the big four tech giants. Those inadequately disclosed risks and retail services, the depart- turf agreements caused a stir tied to privacy practices. A4 ment said, confirming the re- in the tech industry and rat- S view shortly after The Wall tled investors. Now, the new U.S. home sales slumped Street Journal reported it. Justice Department review PRES in June as prices in major The new antitrust inquiry, Please turn to page A7 West Coast cities declined for spurred by Attorney General the first time since 2012. A1 William Barr, could ratchet up Congress moves to bar China A sharp deceleration of the already considerable regu- railcars, buses............................ A4 PICTURES/ZUMA trade is slowing the global economy more than earlier NEWS projections, the IMF said. A2 Snap posted its strongest Zuckerberg Is Required ONDON/L user growth as a public com- pany and its revenue exceeded PINNEY analysts’ projections. B1 To Certify Compliance ROB WeWork is aiming to Britain’s next prime minister, Boris Johnson, leaves his party’s headquarters in London on Tuesday. launch its IPO in Septem- BY RYAN TRACY with the matter said Mr. Zuck- ber, earlier than many in- AND JOHN D. MCKINNON erberg will have to certify that vestors had expected. B1 Facebook has privacy controls Deutsche Bank played a Brexit Cheerleader Johnson WASHINGTON—Facebook inplace. Inc. Chief Executive Mark Separately, the Securities key role in Epstein’s finan- Zuckerberg will have to per- and Exchange Commission is cial dealings in recent sonally certify that the com- expected to announce a settle- years, according to people Wins Race to Lead U.K. pany is taking steps to protect ment with Facebook on familiar with the matter. B1 consumer privacy under a set- Wednesday related to claims it U.S. stocks climbed on BY STEPHEN FIDLER Gauke—resigned, indicating make it harder for him to pre- tlement expected to be an- inadequately disclosed risks better-than-expected earn- AND MAX COLCHESTER they would oppose any effort vail, raising the possibility of a nounced with the Federal involving its privacy practices, ings reports. The Dow and by Mr. Johnson to leave the general election soon. Trade Commission on Wednes- a person familiar with the S&P 500 both rose 0.7%. B13 LONDON—Boris Johnson EU without a deal to soften His tenure will almost cer- day, a person familiar with the matter said. won the race to lead the ruling the predicted economic shock. tainly be define

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