The new Russia-China partnership Heatwaves and climate change Microsoft’s lessons for other tech giants Liberal Canada: a special report JULY 27TH–AUGUST 2ND 2019 Here we go Britain’s new prime minister The Economist July 27th 2019 3 Contents The world this week Britain 5 A summary of political 19 The new government and business news 20 No-deal forecasts 21 The Lib Dems’ new leader Leaders 22 An end to austerity 7 Britain’s new prime 22 Crime in the countryside minister Here we go 23 Young farmers 8 Russia and China 24 Bagehot Lonely at the top Brothers in arms 10 Heatwaves Europe Hot as hell 27 Ukraine’s elections 10 Currency wars 28 Protests in Moscow Do not escalate 28 Kosovo’s prime minister On the cover 11 Microsoft resigns Buckle up, Britain. Boris Rebooted 29 Berlin’s Jewish Museum Johnson promises thrills but is 30 Malta and abortion heading for a serious spill: Letters leader, page 7. The new prime 30 Tour de France 12 On conservatism, taxing minister will lead a fragile— 32 Charlemagne The assets, Uzbekistan, Nazi and potentially short-lived— muscles from Brussels operations, work government, page 19. Why predicting the impact of United States Briefing no-deal is so hard, page 20. 33 Overcrowded primaries The hazards of having a prime 15 Russia and China minister who hates to be The junior partner 34 Mueller’s testimony hated: Bagehot, page 24 35 New Orleans and snow Special report: Canada 36 Indian-Americans • The new Russia-China The liberal north partnership The close 37 Lexington Hotshots in After page 40 relationship between Vladimir Alaska Putin and Xi Jinping is much better for China than it is for The Americas Russia: leader, page 8. How 38 Corruption in Brazil Vladimir Putin’s embrace of 39 Picking judges in China weakens Russia: briefing, Guatemala page 15 39 Poor but sexy Oaxaca • Heatwaves and climate 40 Bello Latin America and change Extreme heat is a silent Europe killer. Countries must do more to adapt: leader, page 10. Greenhouse-gas emissions Middle East & Africa contribute to the rising 41 The Gulf crisis frequency of heatwaves, page 67 42 Croquet in Egypt • Microsoft’s lessons for other Schumpeter The plastics 42 Separatism in Ethiopia tech giants What the software business has yet to come 43 South African politics company’s surprising comeback to terms with a backlash 44 Africa’s coal craze can teach its tech rivals, page 11 against its products, page 58 • Liberal Canada: a special report As many Western countries turn to populism, Canadians will soon decide if they want to remain a liberal beacon, says Brooke Unger, after page 40 1 Contents continues overleaf 4 Contents The Economist July 27th 2019 Asia Finance & economics 45 Taiwan’s president 59 Europe’s bright spots 46 North-east Asia’s 60 Currencies, trade and contested skies Trump 47 Indian politics 61 Land of the tax-free 47 Pakistan and America 61 Profiting from robo-advice 48 Banyan Japan’s identity 62 Buttonwood The auto-technocrats China 63 Pricing live music 49 Hong Kong’s protests 63 The perils of fine print 50 International reactions to 64 Free exchange Culture Xinjiang and growth Science & technology 67 Heatwaves and climate 68 Living tree stumps International 69 Flat lenses 51 Designing parliamentary chambers Books & arts 71 Fact and fiction on film 72 A hero of the resistance Business 73 Islam in America 53 Greening American 73 Kipling in Vermont utilities 74 Gaia meets AI 54 Tech in the crosshairs 55 Bartleby The curse of efficiency Economic & financial indicators 56 Lego v Barbie in China 76 Statistics on 42 economies 56 Germany’s no-frills grocers Graphic detail 58 Schumpeter The plastics 77 Yield curves and economic growth across the rich world business Obituary 78 Li Peng, the butcher of Beijing Subscription service For our full range of subscription offers, including digital only or print and digital combined, visit: Volume 432 Number 9153 Published since Septemb

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