ADVERTISEMENT The of the nation, 25 years in a row. The world travels to the hospital ranked #1 in heart care. * * * * * WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 2019 ~ VOL. CCLXXIV NO. 26 HHHH $4.00 DJIA 27198.02 g 23.33 0.1% NASDAQ 8273.61 g 0.2% STOXX 600 385.12 g 1.5% 10-YR. TREAS. g 2/32 , yield 2.063% OIL $58.05 À $1.18 GOLD $1,429.70 À $9.30 EURO $1.1158 YEN 108.60 Hacking What’s Suspect News Business & Finance Left Trail TheCapitalOnehack Of Clues has sent financial insti- tutions scrambling to fig- ure out how millions of re- cords at one of the biggest Online proponents of cloud-com- puting were exposed. A1, A6 Woman charged in Apple countered an- Capital One data other quarter of weak iPhone sales with strong breach that affected revenue growth from its more than 100 million supporting businesses. A1 Samsung’s profit fell The 33-year-old woman ac- 53% as decreasing appetite cused of executing one of the for smartphones and other largest-ever data thefts at a GES gadgets sapped demand for bank showed strange behavior IMA its components business. B1 online in recent months, at times bragging about her ex- GETTY Huawei posted a sharp rise ploits and discussing deep AN/ in revenue despite its black- struggles in her personal life. listing by the U.S., but said re- SULLIV stricted access to U.S. technol- TIN By Dana Mattioli, ogy remains a challenge. B4 JUS Robert McMillan Consumers spent at a Ten of the Democratic candidates, including Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, debated in Detroit. and Sebastian Herrera healthy clip in June and infla- tion remained soft, data likely Paige Adele Thompson was to reinforce the Fed’s expected arrested in her home city of Se- decision to lower rates. A2 attle on Monday, charged with Sanders, Warren Fight Back stealingdatafromCapitalOne P&G posted its highest Financial Corp. involving more quarterly sales growth in than 100 million credit-card over a decade, but an $8 bil- customers and applicants. lion charge marred results. B1 Against Moderates in Debate In an unusual twist, Ms. Amazon is pressing brands Thompson is a former em- to make their packaging more ployee at Inc.’s efficient, prompting vendors BY JOHN MCCORMICK bitious proposals to eliminate majority of the 20 candidates and over some of their other cloud division responsible for to change or face fines. B1 AND TARINI PARTI private health insurance, raise now participating are barely more progressive proposals. running much of Capital One’s taxes, reshape the economy registering in national polls Mr. Delaney suggested some of information-technology infra- U.S. stocks slipped amid Liberal Sens. Elizabeth and confront some powerful and need to find a spark if their plans were rooted in structure. The heist stands out jitters over China trade talks. Warren and Bernie Sanders U.S. corporations. The candi- they are to remain on stage. “fairy-tale economics.” not only as a massive bank The S&P 500 fell 0.3%. B12 defended themselves against dates clashed more with one This week’s debates are be- Ms. Warren, a senator from breach but a rare instance in Indian authorities found several moderates fighting to another at this debate, com- ing held in Michigan, a state Massachusetts, responded by which a former employee of the body of a coffee-chain keep their campaigns alive pared with the first round a crucial to President Trump’s arguing that the best path to Amazon has been charged with magnate whose disappearance during a Democratic presiden- month earlier. 2016 victory and one both beating Mr. Trump is through hacking one of the company’s spurred an investigation. B3 tial debate that showcased the The bickering between Democrats and Republicans big ideas, not incremental own customers. party’s divide over how far the moderates and progressives, believe will again play a cen- change. Giant corporate breaches federal government should telegraphed in recent weeks, tral role in the 2020 elec

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