The Downside of Diversity REVIEW W TheHigh-TechWaytoRun THE WALL STREE S T JOURNALJ WEEKEND OFF DUTY * * * * * * * * SATURDAY/SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 - 4, 2019 ~ VOL. CCLXXIV NO. 29 HHHH $5.00 Protesters Keep Up the Pressure in Restive Hong Kong Economy What’s Keeps News World-Wide Steady Jobs Thestandoffbetween Washington and Bei- jing has cost China its po- sition as the U.S.’s top trading partner, a shift Gains that could accelerate as Trump moves to ratchet Record U.S. expansion up tariffs even more. GES A1 IMA stays on track despite The president said that slowing global growth Ratcliffe wouldn’t be his nom- GETTY inee as director of national SE/ and trade tensions intelligence, after lawmak- ers and ex-intelligence offi- BY SARAH CHANEY cials raised concerns. A4 FRANCE-PRES WASHINGTON—Steady U.S. EU finance ministers se- hiring growth extended into GENCE lected Kristalina Georgieva, A the second half of 2019, pro- the Bulgarian CEO of the CE/ viding a firm foundation for World Bank Group, as their ALLA the decadelong economic ex- W nominee to lead the IMF. A8 pansion at a time of global headwinds. Puerto Rico’s departing ANTHONY Nonfarm payrolls rose by governor defied top law- OUT IN FORCE: Thousands of people, including members of the general public, turned out as Hong Kong civil servants gathered for a 164,000 in July, the Labor De-makers and swore in his protest rally on Friday evening amid the city’s political crisis, a rare wave of dissent from within the government’s own ranks. A7 partment said Friday. The job- preferred successor, likely less rate last month held steady setting up a legal battle at 3.7%, near a 50-year low. for political power. A3 “This is a solid jobs re- Britain’s Conservatives port,” said Josh Wright, chief lost a special election in a economist at iCIMS Inc. rural part of the U.K., leav- Average hourly wages for ing new leader Johnson with Tariff Fight Knocks Off China private-sector workers ad-a governing majority in Par- vanced 3.2% from a year earlier, liament of just one seat. A9 up slightly from the previous month’s pace but down slightly Trump conceded that North Korea’s short-range As Top U.S. Trading Partner fromaFebruarypeakof3.4%. A healthy overall job mar- missile tests might have bro- ket provides a meaningful ken U.N. resolutions but Share of total trade with the U.S. BY PAUL KIERNAN a founding director of the Pe- counterweight to anemic said they didn’t violate Kim’s AND ANTHONY DEBARROS terson Institute for Interna- global growth and trade ten- commitments to him. A7 25% tional Economics. “It has a sions that prompted the Fed- The landmark treaty on WASHINGTON—The standoff much broader connotation and eral Reserve to cut interest intermediate-range nuclear between Washington and Bei- implication than just econom- rates Wednesday by a quarter- forces lapsed, opening the 20 jing has cost China its position ics, serious as that is.” percentage point. way for a new generation as the U.S.’s top trading part- Stocks swooned for a second Through the first seven of land-based missiles. A4 ner, a shift that could acceler- day Friday, as Beijing vowed to months of 2019, employers ate as President Trump moves retaliate if Mr. Trump makes added 165,000 jobs a month, on 15 Mexico Business & Finance to ratchet up tariffs even more. good on his threat from a day average, below last year’s aver- Canada Data released Friday showed earlier to impose 10% tariffs age monthly pace of 223,000. China that Mexico was the top trad- Sept. 1 on $300 billion in Chi- Job growth for May and June Steady U.S. hiring ing partner for the first half of nese goods that are currently was revised down by 41,000. 10 growth continued into the the year, followed by Canada. not subject to levies. The Dow “Most of this slowing in second half of 2019, provid- Imports from China dropped by Jones Industrial Average closed jobs growth just looks like ing a solid foundation for 12%, and U.S. exports to China down 0.4%. moderation that c

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