ADVERTISEMENT With over 550 commission-free ETFs, you’ll find one that interests you. Get access to commission-free ETFs in dozens of sectors and a screener tool to help you find the ones you want. Turn to page R10. * * * * * * MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 2019 ~ VOL. CCLXXIV NO. 30 HHHH $4.00 Last week: DJIA 26485.01 g 707.44 2.6% NASDAQ 8004.07 g 3.9% STOXX 600 378.15 g 3.2% 10-YR. TREASURY À 1 31/32 , yield 1.864% OIL $55.66 g $0.54 EURO $1.1109 YEN 106.58 What’s Two Mass Shootings Leave 29 Dead Two mass shootings in less wearing body armor and a News than 24 hours left at least 29 mask opened fire with a .223- dead and 53 injured, and the caliber semiautomatic rifle events shook a nation that with a 100-round drum maga- seemed to have grown accus- zine. The suspect arrived at Business & Finance tomed to the toll of gunfire in the scene with his sister, public places. whom he killed in addition to eight others, Dayton Police By Thehackerwhoalleg- edly pulled off one of Tawnell D. Hobbs, Chief Richard Biehl said. the largest-ever bank-data Kris Maher The gunman was killed by heists appeared to have ex- and Valerie Bauerlein police about 30 seconds after ploited a cloud vulnerability he fired his first shot, police that experts have warned In El Paso, Texas, a lone said. That rampage left 27 in- about for years. A1, B4 gunman walked into a jured. Officials in Dayton ha- crowded Walmart Saturday ven’t provided a motive for Huawei’s smartphone morning, shooting with an AK- that shooting. sales are surging in China style semiautomatic rifle. Au- Both suspects used guns as a patriotic buying spree thorities were investigating that they purchased legally, helps to blunt the impact the shooting, which killed 20 law-enforcement officials said. of widening U.S. curbs on and injured 26 more, as a pos- Please turn to page A6 the telecom giant. A1 sible case of domestic terror- HSBC let go CEO John ism and a hate crime because Flint, saying new leader- officials believe the suspect, a Violent Outbreak ship was needed to meet white man, was targeting His- Shootings prompt barbs the bank’s challenges. B1 panics. He is facing capital between parties.............. A6 murder charges. Manifesto posted on FedEx and UPS will pay EL PASO, TEXAS, MOURNS: A memorial took shape outside the Walmart where the attack occurred. Barely 13 hours later in internet’s fringe............... A7 drivers less on Sunday un- Dayton, Ohio, in a downtown Walmart is shaken by der a seven-day-service ar- neighborhood crowded with recent shootings............. A7 rangement than the rate bars and restaurants, a man used during the week. B1 Berkshire Hathaway said second-quarter earnings rose due to unrealized investment S gains, while the company’s White Nationalists PRES cash pile grew to a record. B3 TED Large banks are fight- Pose Urgent Threat SOCIA ing a likely government ef- S/A fort to speed up how O The shootings in Texas and number of domestic-terrorism money moves through the Ohio that killed at least 29 peo- cases, according to the Federal Fed’s payments system. B8 MINCHILL ple left authorities searching Bureau of Investigation. Of A copyright infringement for how to confront the chal- about 850 current domestic- JOHN verdict against singer Katy lenges posed by mass violence terrorism cases, 40% involve ra- GES; Perry has the music industry cially motivated violent extrem- IMA worried about a spate of By Dan Frosch, ism and a majority of those suits claiming that many Zusha Elinson cases involve white suprema- GETTY popular songs are rip-offs. B1 and Sadie Gurman cists, the FBI said. MA/ TA Saturday’s attack in major- and domestic terrorism, espe- ity-Hispanic El Paso, Texas, World-Wide MARIO cially attacks driven by white- which left at least 20 people nationalist ideologies. dead, was allegedly committed TOP: Violence committed by white by a 21-year-old white man who Two mass shootings in FROM men inspired by an extremist was believed to have posted a less than 2

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