The Fed makes its move Congo: fighting Ebola in a war zone Foodoo economics—meals on wheels Big armchairs and Chinese diplomacy AUGUST 3RD–9TH 2019 Deathwatch for the Amazon The threat of runaway deforestation World-Leading Cyber AI The Economist August 3rd 2019 3 Contents The world this week United States 5 A summary of political 17 Baltimore’s murder rate and business news 19 Donald Trump’s intelligence chief Leaders 19 The last man of Mount 7 The future of the Amazon Rushmore Deathwatch 20 Puerto Rico’s political 8 The Federal Reserve and crisis emerging markets 22 Lexington The mighty An opportunity Dolphins 8 Baltimore Saving Charm City The Americas 9 Digital payments 23 The humbling of The dash from cash Honduras’s strongman On the cover 10 Congo 24 Uber in Vancouver Brazil has the power to save If it bleeds, pay heed 26 Early elections in Peru? Earth’s greatest rainforest—or destroy it: leader, page 7. 26 Art that moves Letters The Amazon is approaching 12 On insurance, Tommy the point of its irreversible Flowers, Colombia, the destruction: briefing, page 14 Asia future, flatmates 27 Politics in Singapore • The Fed makes its move America’s central bank cuts Briefing 28 Aboriginal rights in rates for the first time in over a Australia 14 The Amazon decade, page 57. Lower rates On the brink 29 Japan’s disabled MPs may help emerging markets 29 Smoking in Indonesia more than anyone: leader, 30 Banyan A federal page 8. Emerging-market Philippines dreams of rich-world incomes meet reality: Free exchange, page 62 China 31 Jobless graduates • Congo: fighting Ebola in a war zone Disease is not the only 32 Hong Kong’s protests enemy in Congo: leader, page 10. 34 Chaguan The semiotics How do you reform a country of meeting rooms where gunmen torch clinics? Page 35 • Foodoo economics—meals on wheels Delivering food is Middle East & Africa anything but a tasty business: 35 The challenge of Congo Schumpeter, page 56 40 Tyranny in Tanzania • Big armchairs and Chinese 40 An exodus from Gaza diplomacy Why is China so fond 41 The death of Beji Caid of meetings in over-stuffed Charlemagne Europe is Essebsi furniture? Chaguan, page 34 edging towards the post-car city, page 46 1 Contents continues overleaf 4 Contents The Economist August 3rd 2019 Europe Finance & economics 42 Russian subversion in the 57 The Powell pirouette Baltics 58 Buttonwood Unalloyed 43 Greece’s tricky budget blessings 44 The rise of rosé 59 The LSE’s monster trade 44 The Kaiser’s property 59 The Mittelstand and 45 Fire in the Arctic inequality 46 Charlemagne Carless 60 British class-action cases cities 61 Luring back Portuguese emigrants Britain 61 Wall Street and Warren 47 Boris’s game of chicken 62 Free exchange Emerging- 48 No-deal’s threat to markets’ broken dreams Northern Ireland 49 Bagehot The Tory Science & technology revolutionaries 65 The rise of planetology 66 Mayan human sacrifice 67 Power from the night air International 50 Are Western democracies becoming ungovernable? Books & arts 68 The Bauhaus 69 The disinformation age 70 Mosquitos Business 70 Sporting fiction 52 How to beat Bezos 53 SoftBank’s double Vision 54 Bartleby Keeping staff happy Economic & financial indicators 55 A generic merger 72 Statistics on 42 economies 55 Tragedy in India Inc Graphic detail 56 Schumpeter Online food fights 73 High internet use and state support help countries ditch cash Obituary 74 Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan’s longest-serving DA Subscription service For our full range of subscription offers, including digital only or print and digital combined, visit: Volume 432 Number 9154 Published since September 1843 You can also subscribe by mail, telephone or email: One-year print-only subscription (51 issues): Please to take part in “a severe contest between North America intelligence, which presses forward, The Economist Subscription Center, United States..........................................US $189 (plus tax) and

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