Jim Mattis: All Hail the Duty, ‘Power Dress’ Democracy And the OFF DUTY Threat Of Tribalism REVIEW * * * * * * * * * S W THE WALL STREE ATURDAY/SUNDAY, AUG. 31 S T JOURNAL - SEPT. 1, 2019 ~J WEEKEND VOL. CCLXXIV NO. 53 WSJ.com HHHH $5.00 Hurricane Dorian Chugs Toward Florida With Winds Rising and Waves Swelling What’s News World-Wide Europeandiplomatsare getting behind a French initiative to provide Iran eco- nomic relief from U.S. sanc- tions in return for its full compliance with a multina- tional nuclear accord. A1 The Iranian oil tanker re- leased from Gibraltar over U.S. objections is set to offload its cargo to smaller vessels that will take the crude to Syria. A7 The arrests of Hong Kong activists and the ban of a mass rally set the stage for a pivotal weekend showdown between protesters and the city’s authorities. A6 Trump rejected the no- AA tion that his trade policies NO are having a negative im- EVIL EYE: Dorian was upgraded on Friday evening to a Category 4 storm as it crawled across the Atlantic, threatening the Bahamas and taking aim at Florida. A3 pact on the U.S. economy, instead blaming “badly run and weak companies.” A4 Hurricane Dorian was upgraded to a Category 4 storm as it continued to Cheap Gasoline Cheers Consumers, Market’s churn on a path toward the Bahamas and Florida. A3 India’s economic growth slowed to a six-year low in the Buoys Economy Amid Strains Rise Caps Dizzying three months through June. A8 BY DAN MOLINSKI prices,” said Susan Begnell, a mained on strong footing this especially for those at the Ohio’s attorney general cashier at the Murphy USA gas year. Personal-consumption lower rungs of the income lad- is asking an appellate court Month Drivers hitting the road this station on Interstate 20 in Me- expenditures, a measure of der. to halt a coming high-profile holiday weekend are set to en- ridian, Miss. At $1.89 a gallon, household spending, increased Robust spending, which is trial over the opioid crisis. A4 joy the cheapest Labor Day her station is selling some of a seasonally adjusted 0.6% in being fueled in part by low BY AKANE OTANI gasoline prices in three the cheapest gas in the nation. July from June, the Commerce gasoline costs, “mitigates the AND MICHAEL WURSTHORN years—a boon to consumers— Trade tensions, volatile Department said Friday. risk of the downturn in manu- Business & Finance while fears of recession grip markets and sliding business Retail sales climbed in July, facturing, trade and business Stocks snapped a four-week much of Wall Street. investment have all sparked and Walmart Inc. reported in investment spilling over into losing streak Friday to end a Stocks snapped a four- Price-tracking firm Gas- worries of a looming economic August that second-quarter an outright recession,” said head-spinning August just a week losing streak to end Buddy predicts the national downturn. A particularly sales rose. The labor market Brian Coulton, chief economist few percentage points below August just a few percent- average price for a regular gal- gloomy signal: Yields on long- remains tight, and wage at Fitch Ratings. their all-time high. age points below their all- lon of gas will be $2.55 a gal- term U.S. government debt growth is solid. Moribund oil prices them- The month was capped by time high, but many inves- lon on Labor Day, down nearly have fallen several times below Low prices at the pump, selves are a potentially posi- Friday’s quiet session during tors remain wary. A1 30 cents from last year and those on shorter-term securi- brought about by oil prices tive sign as well. Since 1973, which the S&P 500 edged up the lowest price on the holiday ties, which many investors be- that have remained between the U.S. hasn’t had a recession less than 0.1%. That marked a Drivers hitting the road since 2016. The national aver- lieve is a recessionary signal. $50 and $60 a barrel, could that wasn’t accompanied by a stark contrast to much of Au- this holiday weekend are set age ha

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